Are you also considering installing a new cooling or heating system?
Choosing the right HVAC system can be a really challenging task for an average homeowner at least when considering its financial implications. For instance, if your home is located somewhere in Florida, your Air Conditioning demands is expected to be on the high side. Consequently, your cooling utility bill begins to increase and it soon becomes a financial concern.
Therefore, acquiring a perfect HVAC system that adequately cools and heats you home, without compromising your budget is of utmost importance.
Here are 5 tips to guide you towards choosing an eco-friendly and cost-effective HVAC system that suits your home.
Find the Right Size for Your Home
This is one of the decisions that must be executed with precision. The reason behind choosing a perfect cooling and heating system is to adequately maintain humidity and temperature. Professionally, the size of an HVAC system is calculated by its heating and cooling load.
The first thing to consider when choosing a perfectly-sized air conditioning and heating system is the square footage of your home to avoid under-sizing or oversizing. The size of your home determines the sizing of your HVAC system. The benefit of accurate sizing includes:
• Greater Comfort
• Saves Energy and Reduces Utility Bills
• Excellent Humidity Control
• Longer Equipment Lifespan and Reduced Number of Cycles
• Higher Runtime Percentage
For any kind of purchase, your budget is a determining factor. However, it is important that you get the most of your financial commitment. When considering your budget, you should have it in mind that it covers for both the purchase of the HVAC unit and the cost of installation. You might have to spend a little above what you planned if it amounts to you saving cash and energy. Acquiring the more energy efficient HVAC models assures you of a longer service life and fewer repairs.
Prevailing Climatic Condition
Another important consideration when choosing a HVAC system is the location of your home and the climatic condition of the area. If your home is situated in Florida, cooling becomes a priority for you and vice versa should your home be in Alaska. Taking note of the prevailing climatic condition of your region will help you choose a HVAC system that is best for your home.

Go for Quality
Whatever sizing of HVAC unit you are considering, your budget comes first. However, Quality is also a very important factor to consider. Investing in a quality and efficient heating and cooling unit might beneficial in the long run. With a quality HVAC system, you would expect more energy efficiency and less spending on repair and maintenance. Also, ensure that you seek the advice of an expert on the best option for you home.
Consider the ESR and SEER
ESR stands for Energy Star Rating while SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. High SEER amounts to greater energy efficiency. It is advisable for homes in warmer climatic regions to install a cooling unit with not less than SEER-16 rating. Be on the lookout for these ratings and remember to contact a HVAC system expert for sufficient guidance.

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